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1772, a twin with Rebecca, and both were baptized October 25th, 1772, in Durham. He married July 15th, 1800, Sally Coe, daughter of Morris, and his wile, Lucy (Rossiter), of Durham. He held the military rank of captain. He was admitted to the church in Durham, November 4th, 1827; his wife was admitted in 1804. He settled on a farm half a mile from his father, and was a selectman for a number of years. He was made a freeman in Durham, September 21st, 1801. He died February 19th, 1847, aged 74 years. She died July 12th, 1861, aged 83 years. She is said to have been a driving, hard-working woman.


          Emeline Rebecca, born September 28th, 1803; died. November 13th, 1813, aged 10 years.
          Leander, born January 30th, 1809; died June 8th, 1824, aged 15 years.
1884. Harriet, born June 20th, 1811; married October 12th, 1831, Amos Harrison.
1885. Catharine, born January 25th, 1816. She is a seamstress.

1748.                        Kensington, Conn.

LOIS HART, Durham, Conn., fourth daughter and youngest child of Samuel Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Abridget (Fowler), born in Durham, and baptized there March 12th, 1775; married,                     Selah Parker, of Kensington, son of Job, and brother of Huldah, who married Seth K. Smith, of Southington. She was admitted to the Congregational Church in Durham, November 6th, 1803. They lived in Kensington, in a house standing just east of the barn of Levi Stoddard, now Hiram Galpin’s. The house still remained in 1870. He fell dead while threshing in the barn of Ashbel Dickinson, January 5th, 1818, aged 40 years. Their children were—1, Betsey, baptized September 12th, 1807, married June 11th, 1834, Thomas Camp, of Durham; 2, Mary, baptized, September, 1814, married in 1837, Lewis Jones, of North Madison, Conn. They have since moved to Pennfield, Ohio.

Kensington, Conn., Charlestown, N. H.

EBENEZER HART, Kensington, Conn., eldest son and child of Deacon Ebenezer Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Elizabeth (Lawrence), born July 29th, 1742, at Kensington, Conn.; married April 5th, 1770, Lydia Benton, who died, when second he married in 1780, Sally Whitmore, and after her decease he married, third in 1792, Mary Hands, who removed to Clarendon, Vt. He removed to Charlestown, N. H.,

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