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where he died in 1796, aged 54 years. His estate was represented as insolvent. The following notice appeared in the Connecticut Courant, October, 1796:

“We, the subscribers, being appointed Commissioners to examine the claims of. the creditors of the estate of Ebenezer Hart, late of Charlestown, (in New Hampshire State,) deceased, represented insolvent, do hereby give notice that we will attend to the business of our appointment on the 2d of January, 1797, at the dwelling-house, of the deceased in said Charlestown, from 1 o’clock P. M. until 7, after which time those who neglect to exhibit their claims will forever be debarred. No account will be allowed unless properly authenticated.

                                                                          George Hubbard,
            Charlestown, Oct. 19th, 1796.              Ezra Rice,               Commissioners."
                                                                           Bill Barnes,


1885. Betsey, born February 21st, 1771; married              , 1790; George Atkins.
          Romeo, born                        ; baptized February 8th, 1778, at Worthington.
          Era B., born                        ; died young.
1886. Era Benton, born                   , 1779; married September 17th, 1810, Lydia Gilbert.
1887. Lydia, born                  , 1780; married                  , 1834, Theron Hart, of New Britain.
1888. Hannah, born                  , 1782; married                  , 1810, Caleb Church, of Hartford.
1889. Ichabod W., born                        , 1784; married                        , 1814, Lucy Atkins.
1890. George W., born                        , 1786; married                        , Polly Hitchcock.
1890˝. Josiah, born                        , 1788; married                        , Friendly Rice.

1750.                            Berlin, Conn.

MAJOR JONATHAN HART, Kensington, Conn., second son of Deacon Ebenezer Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Elizabeth (Lawrence), born at Kensington, Conn., in 1744, and graduated at Yale College in 1768. He went to New Jersey, and taught school for several years. He returned to Kensington, and entered into trade with the minister of the place, with whom he had a serious quarrel, and was thrown into jail, where he remained until the revolution. He joined the army, was in the public service from 1775 to 1791, and was slain by the Indians at St. Clair’s defeat, in the autumn of 1791, at which time he held the military rank of major. He married in 1777, Abigail Riley, who, after her husband’s decease, married second, Rev. Cyprian Strong, of Chatham, Conn., August 3d, 1797. Major Hart left one child only, who married, and died childless.

At probate court, Farmington, Conn., July 5th, 1792, administration was granted to Abigail Hart on the estate of Jonathan Hart, late of Berlin, deceased, and June 4th, 1794, she was appointed guardian to Everlin Hart, a minor of said town of Berlin, and in said probate district of Farmington. The following biographical sketch is copied from

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