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1499.      Colebrook, Ashtabula Co., O.

JULIA AMELIA HART, Ohio, only daughter of Solomon Winchell Hart, of Egremont, Mass., and his wife, Eleanor (Bancroft), born February 7th, 1848, at Nelson, Portage County, Ohio; married August 16th, 1868, Adelbert E. Beckwith, a farmer, of Colebrook, Ashtabula County, Ohio, where they resided in 1873.

[ Note that Julia Ameila Hart is also listed on page 360. ]

1533.                              Bristol, Conn.

ELLA F. HART, Bristol, Conn., eldest daughter of Calvin Hart, of Bristol, Conn., and his wife, Ellen Maria (Goodale), daughter of Ebenezer, born March 24th, 1852, at New Britain, Conn.; married December 24th, 1870, Pence Buck, a butcher, of Bristol.

[ Note that Ella F. Hart is also listed on page 360. Note that her husband may be named either Pence or Perlee Buck, as each name is used in the two entries. ]

1553.                            Waterloo, N. Y.

CAROLINE LODEMA HART, eldest daughter of George Hart, of Waterloo, N. Y., and his wife, Sarah (Edwards), born April 4th, 1843, at Waterloo, N.Y.; married February 16th, 1864, Richard Ridley. They hadó1, Caroline Hart, born October 13th, 1866; 2,. Levye Francis, born December 11th, 1867; 3, Daniel Kendie, born March 24th, 1868; 4, Richard, born November 14th, 1870.

[ Note that Caroline Lodema Hart is also listed on page 360. ]

1269.                          Meriden, Conn.

THOMAS HART, fourth son of Adna Hart, of Bristol, and his wife, Roxana (Yale), born May 7th, 1832, at Bristol, Conn.; married November 29th, 1855, at Wethersfield, before Dr. Tucker, Mary Elizabeth Dix, daughter of Samuel, and his wife, Elizabeth (Kilbourn), born September 23d, 1832, at Wethersfield. His avocation was making cutlery, and he lived in Meriden some twenty years, where he had a house and lands. He died at Meriden, October 30th, 1862, aged 30 years, leaving an estate of some $1,500. The widow sold it, and built on Hawkins Street, in the south part of the city of New Britain, where she and her daughter were residing in 1873.


1559. Cora Adella, born December 26th, 1859.

1270.                      Brookfield, Ohio.

CHARLES HART, Brookfield, Trumbull County, Ohio, eldest son of Orenus Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Sabra (Lewis), born