1497.                      Unionville, Conn.

BERNARD DWIGHT HART, second son of Lewis Hart, of Unionville, Conn., and his wife, Julia Ann (Root), of New Britain, born March 22d, 1851, at Unionville. He married, February, 1871, Martha Burton, of Harwinton. She is of English descent.

[ Note that Bernard Dwight Hart is also listed on page 323. ]

1499.                        Colebrook, Ohio.

JULIA AMELIA HART, only child of Solomon Winchell Hart, of Colebrook, Ashtabula County, Ohio, and his wife, Eleanor (Bancroft), born February 7th, 1848, at Nelson, Portage County, Ohio; married August 16th, 1868, Adelbert Beckwith, a farmer, of Colebrook, Ohio.

[ Note that Julia Amelia Hart is also listed on page 324. ]

1533.                             Bristol, Conn.

ELLA F. HART, Bristol, Coun., eldest daughter of Calvin Hart, of Burlington, Conn., and his wife, Ellen Maria (Goodale), of Rocky Hill, Conn., born March 24th, 1852, at Burlington, Conn.; married December 24th, 1870, Perlee Buck, a butcher, of Bristol.

[ Note that Ella F. Hart is also listed on page 324. ]

1553.                           Waterloo, N. Y.

CAROLINE LODEMA HART, oldest daughter of George Hart, of Waterloo, N. Y., and his wife, Sarah (Edwards), born April 4th, 1843, at Waterloo, N. Y., and married February 16th, 1864, Richard Ridley. They had issue, viz:, Caroline Hart, Levey Francis, Daniel Kendie, and Richard, born Novembar 14th, 1870.

[ Note that Caroline Lodema Hart is also listed on page 324. ]

1558.                           Lawrence, Kan.

HELEN MARION HART, only child of John Gad Hart, of Bristol and New Britain, and his wife, Abigail (Benham), born May 4th, 1850, at Burlington, Conn.; married September 9th, 1867, at New Britain, before Rev. Mr. Walker, the Baptist minister, William Henry Carey, a butcher, of Stockbridge, Mass. In 1870 they removed to Lawrence, Kan., where he herds stock for market. They had one son, Henry William, born at New Britain, in June, about 1870; died of fever, July 31st, 1874, aged 4 years.