1290. Maria, born April 7th, 1841; married July 3d, 1870, Martin Jefferson Barb.
1291. Simeon, born July 10th, 1844. He is a real estate broker, and resides, in 1874, at Youngstown, Ohio, unmarried.

981.                         Brookfield, Ohio.

R05ALINDA HART, Brookfield, Ohio, fourth daughter of Bliss Hart, of Burlington, Conn., and Brookfield, Ohio, and his wife, Sylvia (Upson), born July 20th, 1801, at Burlington; married, when about 22 years old, Franklin Peck, of Connecticut. He was a farmer at Brookfield, Ohio. They subsequently lived in West Greenville, Mercer County, Penn., where she died, February, 1873, aged 72 years. They had children, viz: Franklin G., who served during the late war in the Second Ohio Volunteer Cavalry; Byron M,, was in the Union Army, in the Second Ohio Cavalry, and married Sarah Brown; Sylvia Ann, married Alexander Adams; Lucy R., married John Christy; Venitia A., married Hugh Montgomery. They also had five others, who died young.

982.                               Vienna, Ohio.

MELLIS5ENDIA HART, Vienna, Ohio, fifth daughter of Bliss Hart, of Burlington, Conn., and Brookfield, Ohio, and his wife, Sylvia (Upson), born December 17th, 1803; married December 17th, 1823, Chauncey, son of Ard Hart, and his wife, Millicent (Roberts), born June 9th, 1802, at Burlington. They removed to Vienna, Trumbull County, Ohio, in 1825. He died September 18th, 1844, at Brookfield, Ohio, when second she married Samuel Baldwin, and they were living at Ravenna, Portage County, Ohio, in 1872, but he died in the winter of 1873-4, leaving her again a widow at Ravenna, Ohio.

983.                       Farmington, Conn.

REV. LUCAS HART, East Haven, Conn., eldest son of Simeon Hart, of Burlington, and his wife, Mary (Warner), of Middletown, born June 5th, 1784, at Burlington; married November 27th, 1811, Harriet Morris, of East Haven, daughter of Amos, and his wife, Betsey Woodward, born April 6th, 1786. He was ordained and settled a preacher of the gospel in Wolcott, December 4th, 1811, where he died of dysentery, October 16th, 1813, aged 29 years. His eldest son died there also of the same disease, October 11th, 1813, aged 1 year, and both were taken to East Haven for interment. His widow lived to see their second son,