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Edward Lucas, educated and established as an educator. She died February 23d, 1839, aged 53.


           Edward, born September 17th, 1812; died October 11th, 1813, aged 1 year.
1292. Edward Lucas, born December 31st, 1813, posthumous; married April 26th, 1837, N. C. Hooker.

985.                           Plainville, Conn.

JEHIEL CHESTER HART, Plainville, third son of Simeon Hart, of Burlington, Conn., and his first wife, Mary (Warner), born February 3d, 1792; married September 2d, 1817, Anna, daughter of Daniel Lowrey, of Southington, and his wife, Anna (Munson), born December 5th, 1795, on Red Stone Hill, a locality of Plainville, on the west. He was a successful school teacher and book-keeper for many years, and a man of integrity and intelligence. He has collected much history of Burlington and Plainville, and is now in his 83d year. She died February 23d, 1866, aged 70 years.


1293. Walter, born August 28th, 1818; married June 4th, 1845, Caroline Wilcox.
1294. Charlotte, born January 4th, 1820; married October 14th, 1845, Charles Wilcox.
1295. Daniel Lowrey, born February 11th, 1825; married January 12th, 1847, Mary Ann Edwards.
1296. Fanny, born April 15th, 1828; married November 15th, 1848, Charles Butler, of Wethersfleld.
           James, born December 27th, 1832, at Burlington; died single, July 6th, 1855, aged 22 years.
           Simeon, born July 21st, 1837; died September 21st, 1839, aged 2 years.
           Simeon Edward, born June 2d, 1840; died June 19th, 1844, aged 4 years.

Burlington, Farmington, Conn.

DEACON SIME0N HART, Farmington, fifth son of Simeon Hart, of Burlington, and his first wife, Mary (Warner), born November 17th, 1795, at Burlington, Conn. He graduated at Yale College, September 10th, 1823, and located at Farmington, Conn., as a teacher of the Academic School. His residence is just south of the Congregational Church, on the same side of the street, He married December 9th, 1824, Abigail Maria, only daughter of Asa Andrews, of Farmington, and his first wife, Hannah (Burnett), of Berlin, born November 14th, 1798, at Farmington. She died August 23d, 1838, aged 39 years, 9 months, 7 days, when second he married November 6th, 1839, Abby Eliza, daughter of Reuben Langdon, of Hartford, and his wife, Patience (Gilbert), of Hebron, born May 20th, 1807, at New London.

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