957. Alvin, born March 20th, 1813; baptized March 24th, 1822; married, 1835, Sarah Stanley.
958. Eunice, born October 24th, 1817; baptized March 24th, 1822; married June 22d, 1840, Daniel H. Holt.

787.                         Kensington, Conn.

LUCY HART, Kensington, Conn., youngest daughter of Captain Reuben Hart, of Southington, and his wife, Rhoda (Peck), born         ; married at Kensington, November 6th, 1794, Francis Hurlburt, of that parish. She was second of the name in the family of Captain Reuben Hart.

788.                       Southington, Conn.

JOHN HART, Southington, eldest son of John Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Desire (Palmer), born at Southington in 1756; baptized January 30th, 1757, by Rev. Benjamin Chapman; married Polly Smith, of Boston. He graduated at Yale College in 1776, and studied law, but entered into trade with his brother, Wells, under the firm of J. & W. Hart, of Windsor, Conn.; but the copartnership was dissolved March 22d, 1795, and the said John settled up the business of the firm. Mr. Hart is said to have been a passionate, irritable man. He is said to have taken his father to Lenox, Mass., and there abandoned him to destitution and want. He was a man of splendid talents and education, which he perverted to uses which illy requited his Maker for his gifts, or his father for his anxious, self-denying care.


959. Harriet, born
960. Desire, born
961. Heathcote, born
962. Zemina, born         ; married          Hayes. She died in New York in 1870.
963. Sherburne, born

789.                       Southington, Conn.

CAPTAIN LEVI HART, Southington, second son of John Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Desire (Palmer), born at Southington in 1759; married May 3d, 1780, Phelathea, daughter of Daniel Allen, of the same town, and his wife, Huldah (Clark), born May 1st, 1764, at Southington. Mr. Hart engaged in the mercantile business, and held the military rank of captain. He built the house now owned and occupied by William Wilcox, just east of Main Street, on the north side of the east road. "He was 6 feet in height, well proportioned, of a lively coun-