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his first wife, Harriet (Kirtland), of New Haven, born November 29th, 1844, at Wilmington; married January 22d, 1868, before Rev. H. L. Singleton, Henry A. Burr, son of J. S. Burr, Esq., No. 129 South Ninth Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., but in 1872 resided in Memphis, Tenn. He went into the cotton press and storage business, and in 1874 became a partner in the firm of Hart & Bailey, N. C. They had issue, viz: 1, Austin Hart, born March 13th, 1869; 2, John Thomas, born October 21st, 1870; 3, Mary Elizabeth, born June 22d, 1872; 4, Henry A., born July 3d, 1874.

1244.                      Paita, Peru, S. A.

LEVI AUSTIN HART, only son of Alvin Hart, of Southington, Conn., and his wife, Sarah (Stanley), of Plainville, born at Southington, Conn., November 3d, 1837. He went to sea on a whaling voyage when young, and brought up at length at Peru, S. A., where he married a Spanish girl, and has five children in 1874. He lives at Paita, Peru, S. A., and has lately written home to his mother at Plainville. He is making ice artificially as a business.


1547. John, born               , at Paita, S. A.
1548. Alvin, born               , at Paita, S. A.
1549. Paul, born               , at Paita, S. A.
           Sarah Jane, born               , at Paita, S. A.
           Levi, born               , at Paita, S. A.

1245.                           Ansonia, Conn.

JANE CARTER HART, only daughter of Alvin Hart, the shoe-maker, of Southington, and his wife, Sarah, daughter of Roderic Stanley, of Plainville, Conn., born June 23d, 1842, at Southington; married February 7th, Eugene P. Marks, of Simsbury. He was a soldier in the late war, being in Company H, First Connecticut Heavy Artillery. He is living at Ansonia, Conn., in 1874, and works in the clock factory. They have three children, viz: Carlton Stanley, born July 23d, 1867; Sarah Estella, born May 12th, 1869; Lilian Eunice, born November 25th, 1871.

1246.                         Plainville, Conn.

PHILATHEA HART, Plainville, Conn., eldest daughter of Murray Hart, of Southington, and his wife. Lucy (Newell), born July 20th, 1808, at Southington, Conn.; married October 9th, 1836, William R. Blossom,

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