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          Hannah Kellogg, born August 18th, 1825, at New Jersey.
          Nancy Cowles, born July 8th, 1827; died Nov. 22d, 1828, aged 16 months.
2793. William Cowles, born July 30th, 1829; married February 18th, 1873, Eleanor Medora Porter.
          Olivia, born September 5th, 1831; died November 15th, 1860, at Kensington, and was buried there.
          Adaline, born June 25th, 1833; died Febrnary 1st, 1853, aged 19 years.
          Lucinda A., born February 1st, 1836; died Feb. 5th, 1859, aged 23 years.
2794. Thomas Kellogg, born April 30th, 1838. He was single in 1871.

2464.                            Kensington, Conn.

THOMAS ROBBINS HART, Kensington, Conn., second son of Benjamin Hart, of New Britain and Kensington, Conn., and his wife, Hannah (Robbins), born August 27th, 1802, at Kensington, Conn.; married December 18th, 1836, Cecelia Bemont, daughter of Joseph, and his wife, Lois (Bacon), of Middletown, Conn., born March 20th, 1817, at Middletown, Conn. He is a farmer, and resides just west of Kensington Church, on the west side of the north and south road, on the old farm and place of Captain Norman Winchell, deceased.


2795. Harriet S., born September 2d, 1837; married March 14th, 1860, Adna Woodruff.
2796. Walter Scott, born February 4th, 1840; married June 2 1st, 1863, Helen Thalia Welch.
2797. Benjamin Franklin, born February 27th, 1842; married September 27th, 1866, Elizabeth Parsons.
2798. George Washington, born October 11th, 1844; married November 18th, 1865, Alice Deming.
2799. Samuel James, born March 28th, 1849.
          Nellie Celia, born February 14th, 1856.

2465.                            Freehold, N. J.

WALTER WARD HART, Freehold, Monmouth County, N. J., third and youngest son of Benjamin Hart, of New Britain and Kensington, Conn., and his wife, Hannah (Kellogg), daughter of Martin, of Newington, born November 17th, 1804, at Berlin, Conn.; married May 28th, 1829, Sarah, daughter of William Bennett, and his wife, Jane (Jefferson), born October 11th, 1801, at Freehold, N. J. He was a goldsmith by trade, which he learned of Jacob Sargeant, of Hartford, and was a man of much promise. He carried on the business of his trade, and at the same time cultivated a farm. He held the position of judge of the court of common pleas of the county of Monmouth during his residence at Freehold. He subsequently opened, at Phila-

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