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2769.                            Marietta, Ohio.

MARY FRANKLIN HART, eldest daughter of Dr. Benjamin Franklin Hart, of Marietta, Ohio, and his wife, Sally Maria (Alcock), born January 27th, 1850, in Marietta; married January 27th, 1870, J. C. Bartlett, M. D., of Marietta, son of Hon. Levi, and his wife, Maria (Dickey), born September 23d, 1838. He graduated at the Medical College in Cincinnati, March, 1885, and at the University of Michigan in 1868. He has a drug store in Marietta. They became members of the Congregational Church in Marietta, April, 1869.

2776.                             Harmar, Ohio.

INDEPENDENCE E. HART, Harmar, Washington County, Ohio, eldest daughter of Josiah Thomas Hart, of the same town and county, and his wife, Elizabeth A. (Harris), born June 17th, 1851, in Harmar; married October 1st, 1872, William Loffland, of Scotch origin, born June 17th, 1846. He is a business contractor, and lives on the banks of the Muskingum River. They have had one child, William Arthur, born August 2d, 1873, in Harmar, Ohio.

[ Independence Hart, who was called "India", married William Arthur Loffland Oct. 1, 1872. He was born June 24, 1846 and died June 28, 1911. He, too, is buried at Marietta, Washington Co., Ohio. William A. Loffland's parents were Sanford Loffland (d. Feb. 12, 1907), and Annie Boylan (d. Dec. 10, 1912). Both of them are buried at Marietta. The children of William A. and Independence Hart Loffland are: William Arthur Loffland, Jr.; John McAlister Loffland (b. Nov. 6, 1878); Harriet (or maybe Hannah) Loffland (she was called "Hattie"); Thomas Sanford Loffland; and Gladys Loffland. She died Jan. 3, 1912 and was buried at Marietta, Washington Co., Ohio. ]

2783.                     New Britain, Conn.

WILLIAM COWLES HART, Now Britain, second son of Benjamin Kellogg Hart, of Kensington and New Britain, Conn., and his wife, Olivia (Cowles), born July 30th, 1829, in Kensington; married February 18th, 1873, in New York City, by Rev, Mr. Quackenbush, Eleanor Medora, daughter of Joseph Porter, of Waterbury, Conn., and his wife, Charlotte Ann (Tompkins), of Camden, N. Y., born March 24th, 1845, in Waterbury, Conn. She was educated at the high school there, and has been a teacher several years. He is a house builder, and a speculator in houses and lands, in and near Hart Avenue, in the south part of the city of New Britain.


2972. Agnes Porter, born December 9th, 1873, in New Britain, Conn.

2785.                      Southington, Conn.

HARRIET SELENAH HART, eldest daughter of Thomas Robbins Hart of Kensington, Conn., and his wife, Cecelia (Bement), born September

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