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until he removed, January, 1838, to Farmington, Fulton County, Ill., or near there. He represented Goshen in the state legislature in 1822 and 1823.


2536, E1izabeth L., born December 1st, 1809; marriod            , 1838, Rev. Henry D. Pendleton.
2537. William, born April 1st, 1811; married            , Adaline Candee, of Farmington, Ill.
2538. Mary, born October 3d, 1813; married            , Amos D. Thomas.
2539. Catharine, born April 15th, 1815; married June 7th, 1837, John Wright, of Hanover, N. H.
2540. Minerva, born October 3d, 1813; married, April, 1840, Rev. Samuel Wright.
2541. Margaret F., born February 9th, 1818; married            , James M. Flint, of Toulon.
2542. Luther, born            . He is living single in Canton, Ill.
2543. Henry Hudson, born June 14th, 1821; married December 8th, 1847, Martha J. Warnock.
2544. Calvin, born September 30th, 1822; married December 29th, 1853, Mary Ann Holgate, of Illinois.
2545. Louisa, born March 8th, 1825; married April 10th, 1845. Joel W. Dewey.
2546. Edward, born February 7th, 1827; married May 6th, 1857, Lucy B. Robbins.
2547. David, born about 1828; married            , 1852, Dorcas Heacock, of Canada.

1991.                              Goshen, Conn.

MILES HART, Goshen, third son of David Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Hannah (Hudson), of Long Island, born December 10th, 1786; married June 1st, 1820, Laura Clark, daughter of Nehemiah, of Cornwall, Conn. They were members of the North Church in Goshen, and lived on the old homestead of his father. He represented that town in the state legislature two years. He died July 25th, 1862, aged 76 years.


2548. Victor Clark, born March 26th, 1821; married May 16th, 1850, Weltha E. Hanks.
2549. Frederick Miles, born May 4th, 1823; died single December 7th, 1845.
2550. Laura Ann, born July 26th, 1824.
2551. Charles Conkling, born March 6th, 1826; married            , 1852, Helen Paine.
2552. John Hudson, born January 6th, 1828. He was living in California in 1871.
2553. Luther Potter, born April 23d, 1835. He is an imbecile, and lives with Victor.

1992.                              Goshen, Conn.

ALPHA HART, Goshen, Conn., fourth son of David Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Hannah (Hudson), of Long Island, born September

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