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1989.                       Plymouth, Conn.

REV. LUTHER HART, Plymouth, Conn., eldest son of David Hart, of Goshen, Conn., and his wife, Hannah (Hudson), of Long Island, born July 27th, 1783, at Goshen, Conn. He learned his father’s trade of carpenter, but having a great fondness for books, ho was fitted for college by Rev. Alexander Gillett, of Torrington, where his father then lived, and became a member of Mr. Gillett’s church. In September, 1803, he entered Yale College, and at once took a high rank; and at his graduation in 1807 he received one of the highest honors of the institution. After a year devoted to teaching at Litchfiold South Farms he studied theology with Rev. Ebenezer Porter, at Washington, Conn., graduated at Andover, Mass., and was licensed to preach by the Essex Middle Association of Massachusetts. In September, 1811, he married Minerva, daughter of General Potter, of Plymouth, where he received a call and was ordained the year previous, the sermon on the occasion being preached by his tutor, Rev. Ebenezer Porter. This marriage connection is said to have contributed greatly to his comfort and usefulness. Great accessions were made to the church there in 1812, 1824, 1827, and 1831. Somo 500 were added during his ministry. In 1818 he aided in the publication of doctrinal tracts, also in the establishment of the Christian Spectator, and contributed largely to both. On the 18th of April, 1834, he was seized with lung fever, which at first was not deemed alarming, but on the 25th terminated fatally. He passed away in the triumphs of faith. Rev. Noah Porter, of Farming. ton, preached his funeral sermon, and it was published in the Christian Spectator. The Rev. Laurens P. Hickok, of Auburn, N. Y., says of Mr. Hart: “One of his marked character- istics was an indescribable expression of cheerfulness and hearty good will, diffusing its sweet savor wherever he was, so that his presence and society were always sought.” He had a quick and keen discernment of men and things. His intercourse with his church and people was very frank and familiar. His manner of preaching was serious, pungent, and discriminating. His sermons abounded less in long drawn argument, but were exceedingly rich in condensed, sententious thoughts, and concise declarations. He died at Plymouth, April 25th, 1834, aged 51 years. Their only child, Luther Potter, died August 28th, 1829, aged 5 months.

1990.    Goshen, Conn., Farmington, Ill.

DEACON HENRY HART, Goshen, second son of David Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Hannah (Hudson), of Long Island, born February, 28th, 1785, at Goshen; married           , Ann Street, daughter of Samuel D., of Goshen. He was chosen deacon, and served

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