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1875.                              Brighton, N.Y.

EMELINE HART, Bristol, Conn., fifth daughter of Benjamin Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Mehitabel (Jerome), born January 25th, 1804, at Bristol; married there February 13th, 1825, Linas Wilcox. They removed to Brighton, Monroe County, N. Y., where she died, May 6th, 1826, aged 22 years, and was buried there.

1876.                              Bristol, Conn.

THOMAS COE HART, Bristol, Conn., youngest son and child of Benjamin Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Mehitabel (Jerome), born July 7th, 1806, at Bristol; married           , Emily Atwater, who died at Bristol, September 21st, 1837, aged 29 years, and was buried at the North Yard, so the record says. He died December 8th, 1838, aged 32 years, 5 months, and 1 day. They had two children.

1877.                            Durham, Conn.

RUTH HART, Durham, Conn., oniy child of Daniel Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Hannah (Hubbard), born August 6th, 1800, at Durham; married December 12th, 1821, Henry Mallory, of Northford, Conn. They live on the old homestead of her father, in Durham. They hadó1, Jane, born March 29th, 1823, died June 23d, 1843, aged 20 years; 2, William, born March 19th, 1825, married Esther Hale, of Wallingford; 3, Henry, born January 8th, 1828, married Sophia Lindsley, of Northford.

1878.                           Durham, Conn.

DEACON WILLIAM A. HART, Durham, Conn., eldest son of Samuel Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Patience (Hubbard), born April 26th, 1806, at Durham; married June 23d, 1828, Sally Jones, of North Madison, Conn., daughter of Joseph, and his wife, Lucy (Austin). He was trained to farming, but being of an intellectual turn of mind he gave his attention to study as much as his limited means would allow, and taught school winters for a good many seasons in succession. He subsequently became a butcher for many years, until he failed in business, and has since worked on a farm. He was made a freeman, April 3d, 1830, and in 1853 a deacon of the South Congregational Church in Durham. He was active in forming the first temperance society in Durham in 1828; when he signed the pledge with some twenty others. He was an anti-slavery man in the first efforts in that direction. He

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