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business for some years in Nashua, and also assistant agent at Vale Mills, He is called a musician of more than ordinary ability. He is unmarried.

1306.           Chester, Washington, Mass.

ASAHEL EDWARD HART, Washington, Mass., fourth son of Joseph Hart, of New Britain, Conn., and Cabotville, Mass., and his second wife, Lura (Buel), born June 17th, 1828; married August 4th, 1858, Samantha A. Dibble, of Washington, Mass. He is an engineer on the Boston and Albany Railroad, His post-office address was Chester, Mass., in 1873.


1581. Edward Everett, born June 17th, 1859, at Washington, Mass.
      Carrie Lovilla, born May 5th, 1862; died August 9th, 1863.
1582. Frank Howard, born July 7th, 1866, at Washington, Mass.
1583. David Alton, born September 14th, 1868, at Washington, Mass.

1308.                      Johnsonville, Ohio.

DAVID HARRISON HART, Johnsonville, Ohio, sixth son of Joseph Hart, of New Britain, Conn., and Cabotville, Mass,, and his second wife, Lura (Buel), born July 14th, 1832, at Cabotville. He was single in 1873, and lived at Johnsonville, Trumbull County, Ohio. He is a hame maker. [ There are two wooden or metal hames in the collar of a draft horse. The traces are attached to the hames. ]

1310.                       New Britain, Conn.

CAROLINE M. HART, New Britain, eldest child of Adna Thompson Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Lydia (Woodruff), born January 28th, 1822, at Avon; married December 1st, 1845, Meriels Roberts, son of John, and his wife, Lois (Deming), born August 9th, 1818. She was admitted to the Congregational Church in New Britain, August 1st, 1858. They live on Chestnut Street, New Britain. They have had—1, Emily May, born April l8th, 1855, died October 14th, 1855; 2, Grace May, born September 28th, 1856—all born at New Britain.


CATHARINE HART, second daughter of Adna Thompson Hart. (See sketch of Austin Abner Hart, her husband, No. 1024.)

1312.                      New Britain, Conn.

PHILO WOODRUFF HART, New Britain, Conn., eldest son of Adna Thompson Hart, of Avon, and his wife, Lydia (Woodruff), born De-

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