1054. Samuel Tuller, born            , 1794; baptized September 20th, 1795; married            , 1814, Electa Woodruff.
          Helena, born            , 1796; baptized September 24th, 1797. She was burned to death, December 4th, 1797, aged 14 months.
1055. Asaph, born            , baptized September 15th, 1799; married            , 1828, Widow Lucina Richards.
          Heman, born            , 1801; baptized October 3d, 1802. He went west, and was reported as drowned.
1056. Jeduthan, born            ; baptized September 4th, 1803; married            , Paulina Wilber.
1057. Helena, born            ; baptized September 8th, 1805; married            , Irenus Wilbur.
1058. Jane, born            ; baptized June 11th, 1809; married            , Charles Whitlock.

832.                           Simsbury, Conn.

RUTH HART, Simsbury, fifth daughter of Medad Hart, of Avon, aud his wife, Phebe (Miller), born at Northington, aud was baptized there February 14th, 1767; married October 7th, 1784, Timothy Alderman, of Simsbury.

833.                   West Hartford, Conn.

LYDIA HART, West Hartford, sixth daughter of Medad Hart, of Avon, and his wife, Phebe (Miller), born at Northington, and was baptized there August 26th, 1770; married, in 1791, Stephen Brace, of West Hartford, Conn.

834.                                Avon, Conn.

LINAS HART, Northington, Conn., eldest son of Elnathan Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Ruth (Judd), born September 30th, 1761, at Avon; married August 23d, 1787, Mary Ann Wilcox, of Avon. She was admitted to the church there, March 4th, 1794, and died in 1836, aged 71 years. He died April 10th, 1810, aged 49. Administration on his estate was granted to Zina Hart. Theodore Wolcott and Samuel Norton were made appraisers. Done at the probate court of Farmington, June 4th, 1810. Amount, $2,271.56.


1059. Zina, born December 2d, 1788; married October 20th, 1813, Rhoda Griswold.
1060. Adna, born March 27th, 1790; married, April, 1815, Lucy Woodruff.
1061. Julia, born          , 1791; married          , 1812, Austin Gleason.
1062. Ruth Judd, born May 3d, 1793; married November 25th, 1812, Phineas Pennfield.