born at New Lisbon, and the second at Salem, O. He died July 30th, 1854, Æ. 60 years.


413. Theodore, born Dec. 5th, 1819, at New Lisbon.
414. William, born Sept. 5th, 1821, at Salem, O.
415. Harriet, born Aug. 8th, 1823.
416. Margaret Ann, born Dec. 16th, 1825, died                     , in Iowa.
417. Mary, born Dec. 16th, 1827, died Aug 16th, 1854, Æ. 27.
418. Susannah, born March 21st; 1830.
419. Cyrus W., born Jan. 20th, 1832.
420. Lucy, born Jan. 20th, 1832.
421. James E., born March 2d, 1835.

205.                          Kensington, Conn.

SAMUEL HART, Kensington, second son of Hon. Capt. Samuel Hart, of the same town, and his wife Mary (Wilcox), born Aug. 9th, 1802, at Kensington, a parish of Berlin, Conn.; married Nov. 28th, 1825, Lucy, daughter of Ashbel Dickinson, and his wife Lucy (Peck), born April 5th, 1805, at Kensington. He inherits and resides on his father's old homestead, west part of Kensington, and is a wealthy farmer.


422. Willys, born Nov. 6th, 1826, died Oct. 17th, 1848, Æ. 22 years.
423. Sherman, born Oct. 2d, 1828; died Sept. 19th, 1863, in Missouri, a soldier.
424. Lucy, born Dec. 13th, 1830; married, Sept. 23d, 1851, Henry H. Lyman.
       Mary Ann, born April 10th, 1834; died April 11th, 1834.
425. Mary Wilcox, born April 30th, 1835; married, Oct. 15th, 1856, Wm. Upson. She died. He, second, married                       .
       Anna Eliza, born Aug. 5th, 1837; died March 15th, 1857, Æ. 19.
       Samuel, born Feb. 10th, 1840; died Sept. 11th, 1842.
426. Samuel Ashbel, born Jan. 15th, 1844.

207.                              Berlin, Conn.

FREEDOM HART, Berlin, Conn., eldest son of Asahel Hart, the tailor, of the same town, and his wife, Abigail (Cowles), born Aug. 28th, 1796, at Berlin; married,                 , 1816, Eunice, daughter of David Beckley and Eunice (Williams), of Stepney, now Rocky Hill, his wife; born, March 18th, 1795. She died Aug. 31st, 1823, Æ. 28 years, in child-bed, when, second, he married, Nov. 8th, 1824, Harriet, daughter of Capt. Samuel Norton and Phebe (Edwards), his wife; born April 27th, 1796. He was by trade and occupation a comb-maker, his shop on Main street, in Berlin, on the east side just north of Galpin's store; he inherited his father's homestead, north of the shop. He died March 23d, 1862, Æ. 65 years. His widow, Harriet, died July 7th, 1863, Æ. 67 years.