147.                                 Lapier, Mich.

HON. ALVIN NELSON HART, Lapier, Lapier County, Mich., youngest child of Elias Hart, of Cornwall, Conn., and his wife, Philomela (Burnham), born February 11th, 1804, at Cornwall, Conn.; married July 8th, 1828, Charlotte Fox Ball born June 14th, 1813, at Wendall, Franklin County, Mass., daughter of Dr. Benjamin and Charlotte (Evers) Ball. She died August 14th, 1850, aged 37 years, 2 months. They resided for a time after marriage at Utica, N. Y. He removed thence to the then territory of Michigan, and cut his way fourteen miles through a forest, to Lapier, and was the first to settle there in his log cabin in 1831. He was made a magistrate the next year, made sheriff in 1835, and representative the same year, made supervisor in 1842, made state senator in 1844, and first judge of Lafayette County in 1846,1847, and 1848. In 1860 he removed to Lansing, and was made alderman of the first ward, which he now (1874) holds. He is engaged in merchandise and real estate. Mr. Hart was educated at Amherst College, Amherst, Mass.


338. Benjamin Elias, born July 3d, 1830, at Utica, N.Y. He is living single at Lansing in 1874.
339. Danforth Alvin, born May 15th, 1832, at Lapier; died single, April 20th, 1853.
340. Rodney George, born May 28th, 1834, at Lapier; married December 5th, 1854, Mary Castella Hazen.
341. Isabella Eliza, born July 24th, 1836, at Lapier; married October 1st, 1858, Robert Wilson Hamilton.
       Charlotte Evers, born February 25th, 1838; died December 29th, 1843, at Lapier.
       Mary Josephine, born December 25th, 1840; died December 25th, 1843, aged 3 years.
       Charlotte Josephine, born September 4th, 1845; died August 24th, 1846.
342. Arthur Nelson, born August 16th, 1848; married December 18th, 1866, Helen Augusta Britton.

148.                                Lenox, Ohio.

REUBEN HART, Lenox, Ashtabula County, Ohio, eldest son of Captain Solomon Hart, of Hartsville, Mass., and his wife, Jerusha (Beach,) born May 30th, 1787, at Cornwall, Conn.; married May 19th, 1812, Eleanor Kingsman. They resided in New Marlboro, Mass., and from thence they removed to Lenox, Ashtabula County, Ohio, in 1833. He lived in Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1871, and died June 22d, 1872, aged 85 years. He was a farmer. His widow is still living in Ohio in 1874.