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134. Lot, born
135. Solomon, born
136. Mary, born               ; married                    , Mathew Mooney.
137. Experience, born
138. Jane, born                , married                    ,               Eaton, Madison County, N. Y.

61.                        Cornwall, Conn.

ELIAS HART, Cornwall, Conn., fourth son of Solomon Hart, of Congee, in Farmington, Conn., and his wife, Experience Cole, born 1759; married               , Philomela Burnham, daughter of Appleton, and of his wife, Mary Wolcott, and granddaughter of Rev. William Burnham, of Kensington. She was born May 1st, 1764.


139. Enos, born [May 9th, 1782; died December 27th, 1783]. He was scalded to death in childhood.
140. Elias, born November 4th, 1784; married                   , 1807, Hannah Harrison.
141. Oliver Burnham, born [August 21st,] 1787; married               , 1807, Amanda Harrison.
142. Laura, born March [28th], 1790; married            [1819], Ebenezer [or Eber] Harrison.
143. Philomela, born June 17th, 1793; married         [1814], Anson Rogers.
144. Julius, born February 29th, 1796; married January 7th, 1819, Rhoda Rogers.
145. Harriet, born March [9th], 1798; married                , Gideon P. Pangborn [or Pangman].
146. Jerusha, born [April 15th], 1801 ; married           , Palmer Brown.
147. Alvin Nelson, born February 11th, 1804; married                   , 1829, Charlotte F. Ball.

Cornwall, Conn., Hartsville, Mass.

CAPTAIN SOLOMON HART, New Marlboro, Mass., fifth and youngest son of Solomon Hart, of Congee, in Farmington, Conn., and his wife, Experience Cole, born May 8th, 1766, at Cornwall, Conn.; married July 6tb, 1786, Jerusha Beach, daughter of Matthew, and his wife, Martha, born May 21st, 1767, in Stratford, Conn. He was living at Hartsville, New Marlboro, Mass., July, 1849, aged 83 years. His avocation was farming, and he held the military rank of captain. He died June 26th, 1861, aged 95 years, 1 montb. His wife, Jerusha, died Apr4 1st, 1845, aged 78 years. They have had twelve children, who are all married, and have families. Mr. Hart is said to have been strictly temperate in all things, (used no tobacco,) which accounts for his good health and long life. He had the use of all his senses until the last, could walk a number of miles in a day, and labored until over 90. He was benevolent and kind, very anxious to suppress all evil habits in the rising generation, and was strictly moral, although a non-professor of religion. He lived to see five generations on the stage, founded the village of Hartsville, and set agoing much machinery in

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