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Belden, pastor of the church there-daughter of Jacob, it is thought. He died 1756, when she, second, married, Aug. 18th, 1760, Josiah Wright, jun. The inventory of his estate, amounting to £333 11s., was taken, Jan. 14th, 1757, by Judah Wright arid Isaac Lee. The administrators were, the widow Hope and John Judd.


114. Jacob, born May 2d, 1754, in East Haddam, and went West, 1776.
115. Rose, born Jan. 8th, 1756, and, Feb. 8th, 1758, Nehemiah Gates, of Middletown, was made her guardian.


47.                       Winchester, Conn.

ESTHER HART, second daughter of Judah Hart of Kensington and New Britain, and his wife Anna (Norton), was born April 4th, 1742, at New Britain-a twin with Lois, married, Nov. 29th, 1764, Eliphaz Alvord, Esq., of Winchester, Conn., 1770. She was remembered in her father's will, dated 1784. He was a son of Capt. Jonathan, and his wife, Elizabeth Sanford, of Milford, born Jan. 13th, 1742, in Chatham. He was town clerk at the organization of Winchester, and served 46 years, justice of peace, and representative many years to the General Assembly,-one of the pillars of the church and society. She died Nov. 18th, 1818, Æ. 76 years. He died April 15th, 1825, Æ. 83 years. They had ten children, three of whom were born before they removed to, and seven born in, Winchester. He was one of the most prominent men of Winchester in his day.

48.                                New Britain.

JOHN HART, of New Britain, Conn., third son of Judah Hart of Kensington and New Britain, and his wife Anna (Norton), born Jan. 20th, 1743-4, in Kensington, was married Oct. 17th, 1764, at Southington, by Rev. Benj. Chapman, to Anna, daughter of.Zebulon Deming, of Southington, and his wife Esther (Adkins), born at Southington. He lived near his father in Hart quarter. The house is now in good condition, 1874, aud occupied by the Eddy family. He was a farmer and large land-holder, and died Sept. 17th, 1776, Æ. 33 years. His widow married, second, Aug. 28th, 1777, David Hills. She died Oct. 30th, 1804, Æ. 63 years. Mr. Hart was admitted to Dr. Smalley's church in New Britain, June 8th, 1766.


116. Roger, born            , 1765, married                    , Sibil Robinson.
       Chauncey, born          , 1767, died             , 1787.
       William, born            , 1769, died young.

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