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1900.                       New Britain, Conn.

SELINA HART, New Britain, second daughter of Deacon Elijah Hart, of Kensington and New Britain, and his wife, Sarah (Gilbert), born August 30th, 1770, at New Britain; married December 30th, 1790, Solomon, son of Nathaniel Churchill, and his second wife, Jane (Bushnell), born April 24th, 1767. He died April 27th, 1841, aged 81 years. She died November 22d, 1845, aged 75 years. They had—1, Solomon, born October 20th, 1791, married December 1st, 1812, Candace Gilbert; 2, Amzi, born December 11th, 1793, married Maria White, of Long Island; 3, Prudentia, born 1795, died September 24th, 1798; 4, Cyrus, born December 15th, 1797, married Clarissa Bradley, of Guilford; 5, Selina Hart, born 1799, died November 17th, 1799; 6, Selina Hart, born March 5th, 1801, married Andrew Rapylee; 7, Prudentia, born July 15th, 1804, married in 1820, Albert Webster; 8, Louisa, born November 20th, 1807, died January 5th, 1808; 9, Louisa, 2d, born February 8th, 1809, married Ebenezer Evans, of Southington, and she died December 18th, 1862; 10, Jane Bushnell, born May 20th, 1810, married Ebenezer Evans, and she died September 11th, 1866; 11, John, born August 10th, 1813, married Emeline Cleaveland.

1901.                       New Britain, Conn.

OLIVE HART, New Britain, youngest child of Deacon Elijah Hart, of Kensington and New Britain, and his wife, Sarah (Gilbert), born 1775; baptized August 27th, 1775, in New Britain; married August 8th, 1803, Seth Merrills, son of Allen, and his wife, Mary (Andrews). They lived in the yellow house on Dublin Hill. in New Britain. Allen Merrills was killed at the raising of Farmington meeting-house, July 11th, 1771, at 1 o’clock P. M., aged 37. They had two daughters, Anna and Maria. They were both single in 1870.

1902.                       New Britain, Conn.

RUTH HART, New Britain, eldest daughter of Thomas Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Mehitabel (Bird), born November 10th, 1758, at New Britain; married February 17th, 1785, Aaron Roberts, son of Dr. Aaron, and his wife, Hepzibah (Shepherd), born April 20th, 1758, at Middletown. He was admitted to the Congregational Church, December 5th, 1784, and his wife was admitted August 7th, 1785. He

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