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ber 23d, 1822, at Southington. She married October 18th, 1847, John, son of Selah North, of Middletown, Conn. He is an engineer and machinist at Nos. 518 and 520 West Twenty-Second Street, New York. They had John E., Levi Hart, Charles Henry, and Walter Selah. This last has spent two or three years in Southington, and is called the Fat Boy. He was their only living child in 1871.

1252.                      Southington, Conn.

DOCTOR FREDERICK ALBERT HART, Southington, only child of John Albert, of the same town, and his wife, Rachel (Newell), born January 8th, 1818, at Southington. He graduated at Yale College in 1833. He married June 21st, 1842, Lucretia S. Lee, daughter of Martin, and his wife, Sally Hart (Clark), of New Britain, baptized August 7th, 1831, in Southington. He is a physician, and lives on the old homestead of his father-in-law, north of the churches, on the west side. He has traveled much in Europe. They have no children in 1874.

1256.                           Meriden, Conn.

URSULA MILLICENT HART, Meriden, eldest daughter of John Hart, of Burlington, and his second wife, Millicent (Hart), daughter of Ard, born March 28th, at Burlington; married January 17th, 1855, Joel J. Butler, of Meriden, son of Lemuel, of that town, and his wife, Selina (Merriman), born November 12th, 1811, at Meriden. She was his third wife, and died January 21st, 1863, aged 35, leaving no children. Mr. Butler married first August 27th, 1835, Mary A. Norton, who died August 21st, 1837. He married second July 22th, 1840, Sarah A. Hotchkiss, who died September 11th, 1853. By her he had two children, viz: Mary Ann, and Emma S. He has occupied numerous positions of trust and responsibility in matters pertaining to the government and the town of Meriden. He is president of the Meriden Bank, and United States revenue assessor, and a man in whom the people have the most implicit confidence in every respect.

1257.                 Council Bluffs, Iowa.

AUGUSTINE HART, Council Bluffs, Iowa, eldest son of John Hart, of Burlington, Conn., and his second wife, Millicent (Hart), daughter of Ard, born December 16th, 1829, at Burlington; married                       , Martha Caroline Bird, daughter of Deacon Joshua Bird, of Bethlehem, Conn. She died at Danville, Ky., December 8th, 1865,

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