794. Marcus, born Dec. 20th, 1767; married January 17th, 1786, Rhoda Wiard.
        Lucas, born September 14th, 1770; died October 25th, 1776, in his 7th year.
        Martin, born June 2d, 1772; died November 15th, 1776, in his 5th year.
        Oliver Sloper, born May 29th, 1774; died August 16th, 1774, in his 1st year.
        Oliver Sloper, 2d, born November 1st, 1775; died January 21st, 1777, in his 2d year.

704.                           Preston, Conn.

REV. LEVI HART, Preston, Conn., Seventh son of Deacon Thomas Hart, of Southington, and his wife, Anna (Stanley), born March 30th, 1738, at Southington, Conn.; baptized August 2d, 1738, by Rev. J. Curtiss, pastor. He graduated at Yale College in 1760, and studied theology with Dr. Bellamy, of Bethlehem, Conn. He settled in the ministry November 4th, 1762, in that part of Preston, Conn., now called Griswold. He married, 1762, Rebecca, daughter of Rev. Dr. Bellamy, and his wife, Frances (Sherman), born September 11th, 1747, at Cheshire, Conn. She died December 24th, 1788, aged 41 years, when he second married December 4th, 1790, the widow of Nathaniel Baccus, of Norwich. He died October 27th, 1808, aged 70 years.

In the year 1800 the college of New Jersey honored him with the degree of D. D. He was a member of the corporation of Dartmouth College from 1784 to 1788, and of Yale College from 1794 to the year preceding his death. Of the intimate friends of Rev. Mr. Hart next to Dr. Bellamy perhaps, was Dr. Hopkins, of Newport, R. I., whose funeral sermon he preached, December 23d, 1803.

The Connecticut Missionary Society owes much to the sympathy and labors of Mr. Hart in its origin and progress. Indeed he was a missionary himself as early as 1769, and with the consent of his people he made a journey into the district of Maine, to preach to the destitute, and again in 1795 he performed a tour of missionary labor at the north, towards Canada. During the great struggle of the country for independence his sympathy was with our army, and his patriotism led him to visit the camp at Roxbury, and preach twice on the Sabbath to Colonel Parsons' regiment. In 1783 he delivered a discourse to an assembly convened at Fort Griswold, Groton, in commemoration of those gallant men who fell there in defence of their country, Colonel Ledyard at their head. But the chief excellence of Mr. Hart appeared as a gospel minister, and pastor to his flock at Griswold, and the savor of his good name has extended down to this date, being. spoken of as one of the greatest and best men of the past generation. His funeral was attended by all the neighboring clergymen, and an excellent sermon wass preached by Rev. Joel Benedict, of Plainfleld, from the words- "Your fathers, where are they? and the prophets, do they live for ever?" -Zechariah 1: 5. A very large and attentive concourse of