of the Farmington train-band, and in October, 1703, was Commissioned lieutenant, and subsequently promoted Captain. He was for four successive years (1702-5) a deputy from Farmington to the General Court, and was appointed in May, 1705, one of the auditors of the Colony. When his father's house was burned by the Indians, he was absent from home, and thus providentially saved to be the progenitor of a numerous posterity. The offices and honors thus bestowed upon him indicate that he stood high in the community. Capt. John Hart died in Farmington, Nov. 11th, 1714, aged 60 years; his wife died Sept. 19th, 1738, aged 74 years.


11. John, born       ,1684, baptized Nov. 27th, 1686, married March 20th, 1706, Esther Gridley.
12. Isaac, born         , baptized Nov. 27th, 1686, married Nov. 24th, 1721, Elizabeth Whaples.
13. Sarah, born        , baptized Dec. 11th, 1687, married Feb. 15th, 1705, Ehenezer Steele.
14. Matthew, born        , 1690, baptized Dec. 7th, 1690, married Jan. 10th, 1725, Sarah Hooker.
15. Samuel, born        , baptized Sept. 18th, 1692, married Dee. 5th, 1723, Mary Hooker.
16. Nathaniel, born        , baptized April 14th, 1695, married Dec. 3rd, 1719, Abigail Hooker.
17. Mary, born         , married John Leffingwell, Esq., of Norwich, Conn.

Farmington and Kensington.

DEACON JOHN HART, of Farmington and Kensington, son of Capt. John and his wife Mary (Moore), born                 ,1684, baptized in Farmington, Nov. 27tb, 1686, married March 20th, 1706, Esther, daughter of Samuel Gridley (the Trader, so called); she was born                , 1687, baptized in Farmington, May 15th, 1687, and both were admitted to the church there Jan. 31st, 1711-12; they lived on his father's place. He was chosen deacon of the church in Farmington, Nov. 19th, 1718, and subsequently removed to Kensington, where he was also a deacon. His wife, Esther, who was the mother of his children, died July 10th, 1743, aged 57 years, when he married, second, Jan. 11th, 1743-4, widow Hannah Hull, who also died, Nov. 27th, 1760, aged 76 years. Deacon John Hart was for many years Town Clerk, and was twenty. three times elected to the General Court, between the years 1717 and 1743. The Will of Deacon John Hart, of Kensington, was dated March 2d, 1752, and is found in probate at Hartford, the substance of which is as follows:

Item.-I give to my beloved wife, Hannah, etc.