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(Goodrich), born December 20th, 1846, in Oakland; married October 6th, 1864, James Chapman, born March 13th, 1841, in England. He is a farmer. They have two children.

2681.                              Oakland, Wis.

NEWTON JOSIAH HART, Oakland, Wis., eldest son of Lucius Leander Hart, of the same town and county, and his wife, Rebecca (Goodrich), born June 20th, 1849, in Oakland; married March 8th, 1870, Cynthia Baldwin, of Farmington. They had William Arthur, born October 4th, 1871.


HATTIE ANGELINE HART, Oakland, Wis., second daughter of Lucius Leander Hart, of the same town and county, and his wife, Rebecca (Goodrich), born May 28th, 1854, in Oakland; married October 11th, 1873, William W. Ives, born September 11th, 1850. He is a farmer. They had Rosamond Belle, born July 11th, 1874, and died February 4th, 1875.

2717.                            Cheshire, Conn.

LOUISA MARIA HART, Southington, eldest daughter of Jonathan Thomas Hart, the great manufacturer of Kensington, and his first wife, Maria (Woodruff), of New Britain, born August 28th, 1845, in New Britain; married October 20th, 1866, Frederick A. Cowles, of Southington, son of Charles A., and his wife, Widow Delia V. Bradley, whose maiden name was Stedman, born May 15th, 1843, in Southington. They were living in Cheshire, New Haven County, Conn., where he was keeping a drug store in 1874.

2721.                       New Britain, Conn.

EDWARD HART, New Britain, Conn., eldest son of Selah Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Jemima, daughter of David Webster, Esq., born September 4th, 1806, in New Britain; married March 26th, 1834, Viana Perry, of Egremont, Mass. He was a farmer, and lived in a part of his fatherís house in Hart Quarter, where he died of consumption, September 1st, 1845, aged 39 years.


          John Burnham, born           , 1835; died March 7th, 1853, aged 18 years.
2928. Edward, born October 8th, 1836; married October 8th, 1861, Jane Eliza Webster.
2929. Stephen Perry, born           , 1837.

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