lawyer. They had - 1, Greenleaf C., said to be 26 years of age; 2, Olivia Hart, said to be 24 years of age; 3, John M., who died an infant; and 4, Bertha, said to be 16 years of age.

329.                                      Bay City.

SARAH MARIA HART, third daughter of Oliver Burnham Hart, of Cornwall, Coun., and Lapier, Mich., and his wife, Amanda (Harrison), born 1825, at Cornwall, Conn.; married, 1853, Andrew C. Maxwell, a lawyer of Bay City. Of their five children two daughters and one son died young. Robert, aged 19, and Jennie, aged 11, are living in 1874.

330.                            Bay City, Mich.

ABIGAIL BURNHAM HART, fourth daughter of Oliver Burnham Hart, of Cornwall, Conn., and Lapier, Mich., and his wife, Amanda (Harrison), born 1826, at Cornwall, Conn.; married, 1851, George Smith, of Bay City, Mich. He is a physician there. They had - 1, Amanda, who died young; 2, Clary, aged 19; 3, Hattie, aged 16; 4, Frankie, a daughter, aged 13; 5, George, aged 10.

333.                            Cornwall, Conn.

NOAH ROGERS HART, Cornwall, Conn., second son of Julius Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Rhoda (Rogers), born September 12th, 1821, at Cornwall; married November 22d, 1843, Lucretia Minerva (Barnum), daughter of Micajah, and his wife, Rosetta (Pendleton), born March 14th, 1826, at Cornwall. He is a merchant at West Corn wall, and connected with the manufacture of boots and shoes. He resided there until 1859. He then removed to Goshen and resided there until 1870, when he removed to Patterson, Passaic County, N. J., where he resided in 1872, and was closing up his business. In the year 1849 all his early accumulations were lost by a fire. In 1853 he opened a boarding school for boys, and managed it successfully for four years, when his brother, Elias Burton, took it, and he went to Goshen with his brother Julius, where they conducted a very successful mercantile business until 1870, when they sold out. At Goshen he was superintendent of the Sunday School of the Congregational Church - nine years which were very prosperous.