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10, Burling Slip, in manufacturing britannia, and other wares, and in importing various metals from Europe. The firm became wealthy, even before the father's death, and is still, 1873, continued under the name of Lucius Hart & Co. The partners being Chas. Fanning and Lucius Hart,—this son married Emiline A. Randel, and all the family are living and have families in New York City, but decline giving dates of birth, marriage, or children.

448.                                       Missouri.

JANE HART, eldest daughter of Selah Hart of Manon, Morgan Co., Ohio, and his wife Mary, daughter of Hugh (Thompson), of the same County; born Feb. 20th, 1828, in Morgan Co., O.; married May 31st., 1853, John Kobb, before Justice Wm. M. Fergenson; he was born Sept. 19th, 1829; is a farmer in Missouri. They had Wm. A., born April 19th, 1855; second, Emma J., born Feb. 2d, 1857; third, Lemnos Selah, born Dec. 20th, 1859; fourth, Mary A., born April 9th, 1861; fifth, Hiram E. E., born Sept. 29th, 1863; sixth, Sarah Ellen Kobb, born Nov. 7th, 1866; seventh, Ida Bell Kobb, born Jan. 6th, 1870. Hiram E. E. died Aug 14th, 1871-by wagon running over his chest, Aug. 12th, 1871.

450.                              Morgun Co., O.

JOHN THOMPSON HART, Marion, and Huffman P.O., Morgan Co., O., eldest son of Selah Hart, of the same town and county, and his wife, Mary (Thompson), born April 26th, 1832, at Marion; married before Justice Joseph Mendenhall, March 21st, 1855, Hannah Randal; born Oct. 25th, 1830; occupation, farming; he has my thanks for help in forwarding a copy of his father's family record.


      Nathaniel, born Jan. 1st, 1857.
      Sarah Ellen, born Aug. 28th; 1858.
      Hiram, born July 4th, 1865.

451.                  Residence not reported.

MARY HART, third daughter of Selah Hart, of Marion, Morgan Co., O., and his wife Mary, daughter of Hugh (Thompson), born April 26th, 1834, at Marion; married, March 21st, 1855, at her father's residence in Morgan Co., before Justice Joseph Mendenhall. Wm. F. Kendall,

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